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For Blaster Certificate questions contact: Candice Pope
For Boiler and Pressure Vessels questions contact: Benita
For Industrial Building CDR, Purchase Seals, and Plan Review questions contact: Carolyn Kemp
For Variance Application questions contact: Shannon
For all other questions contact: Chris
To help us address your questions/concerns please add State Number, Transaction ID and posting date details in your email.

Note: You can pay for multiple state permit numbers and/or multiple owners for any selected category. An example for FIREWORKS - After adding a record to the Shopping Cart, search again and you can add other records to the Shopping Cart. When you are finished adding all records you need, proceed to checkout.

Use this application to pay fees due IDHS. For renewals and permit applications please select the appropriate link from http://www.in.gov/dhs/3552.htm

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Pay your fines here. You need to have Facility Id number provided by the inspector / letter to proceed.