Indiana Department of Homeland Security / Fire and Building Safety Division

2019-20 version


Lookup person(s) and Fire and EMS Certifications

1.The view details report opens in a new window, So you need to disable pop-up blocker or add oasdev.dhs.in.gov to safe sites in the pop-up blocker settings.
2. If you use and have adobe X reader, open any adobe document you have, go to edit preferences, under categories click on General , on the screen displayed uncheck the box for Enable Protected Mode at startup, click ok. Close the Adobe Reader. If this box is checked the report will not open.
3.If you have questions or concerns about the data in this online application email psidquestions@dhs.in.gov.
4.If you have technical issues (report /data failure errors) other than issues mentioned in 1 and 2 above, you can email Donna Saine

IDHS has re-designed the PSID look up feature. Use the following options to Search and View PSID and Certification information.

[Lookup details in adobe/pdf]

[Lookup details in html]