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[Frequently Asked Questions for AE permit]

1.a)You need to upload an electronic copy of the entertainment facility floor plan to apply / renew permit online. So keep the floor plan file ready for upload during the application process. Only files with these extensions are accepted BMP,DOC,DWF,GIF,HTM,JPEG, JPG,PDF,PPT,RTF,TIF,TIFF,TXT.
b) If you are applying for permit under fee exempt category, upload 501c document. If you fail to upload the document, your permit process may be delayed
2.For each additional floor plan of the facility you need to pay an additional $99.00 fee. Keep the credit card ready when you start the application process to pay for the fee as applicable.
3. For Special Permit application, Please apply at least 2 weeks before the event date to facilitate the IDHS inspector's inspection.

IDHS is trying to eliminate the duplicate data in the database. To achieve this objective, we request the users first search the database for their permit based on the location address, if you do not locate your permit then apply for a new permit. If you find a pemit for your location address , please go ahead and apply for its renewal. If you find some information which you are unable to change online, go ahead complete the renewal process. After your renewal is complete, email the changes you could not make online to: Questions at DHSCODEQUESTIONS@DHS.IN.GOV or at

Facility refers to the physical location of the building which needs the AE permit. For Street number if location is 302 W washington st enter 302, under street name enter washington ignore street prefix like N,S,W and suffix like st,ave,ct etc. The search will bring up results based on pattern search.

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